Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wassup guys!! i'm super excited for new year! but I'll miss 2011 ALOT.. all the good and bad memories that makes me more mature..

This year was a blast..I remember when I first hit middle-school. I remember when I iron my own uniforms for the very first time.. I remember when my b.friends gave me prsent on my bday.. i remember all the great things that make me wanna cry at this very moment.. time pass by soo fast that u need to   appreciate every great chances.

Well,new year new motto!! My motto is to be a better me,but still me..(thats weird),study hard..harder..hardest..,loss some weight(hehe), improve my eng,chinese,maths and etc..
As for the happy ending,I want to ask you all, WHATS YOUR MOTTO FOR 2012 ?? (feel free to leave it as a comment below) =) lots of smile

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Anonymous said...

My to be better than before, studying hard, improve everything & less lazy XD