Monday, May 1, 2017

another milestone of my life

FINALLY!!!!! wheww i feel like i've put down a huge rock off my shoulder. 

I've been waiting what seems like an eternity to write a post about this. Even now, I can feel butterflies going crazy inside my stomach and it literally feels like I'm on a date with a guy that I've been crushing on for the longest time ever. To be completely honest, I'm ultimately proud of myself for reaching this point of my life. I shouldn't be this excited because I know too well what over excitement can bring to myself, but there's no way I can contain myself at this very moment.

Well, that's a pretty insanely confusing intro. Now let's get to the main point. 

Five days ago which is on 26th April 2017 (Wednesday), I finally passed my driving test! That's like a very unforgettable moment of my life. Like I cant believe I was the one behind the wheels when I was on my last course of the driving test, and I was like "is this me driving?" "is this real?" "am I gonna past this time?" and so on because it felt like everything was too good to be true.

To give you more information about my driving test, there are three parts of the tests. First, before going to the first test which is the computer test we need to attend a 6 hours ceramah for only a day and after a week we can apply to sit for the computer test. After that, we need to learn how to drive in total of 16 hours. The time for learning how to drive vary, it depends on the driving institute itself. My friends only need to learn her driving for 10 hours. As for the pricing, I'm not sure about it but maybe it's around the same price. Okay so after that, we need to go for a QTI which is a test you need to pass before proceeding to the real jpj test. After that, our personal driving tutor will tell when will we go for our jpj test. On the day of the jpj test, there are two parts of test. First one is to test our driving in the driving institute where there are five courses, hill, parking, Z course, tiga penjuru and S course. Second one is to test our driving on the road. REAL ROAD. outside the driving institute.

On my first time going to the jpj test, I was damn anxious bout it you know. If I think back about that day, it felt somewhat funny hahahaha. I literally cried in the morning before my uncle send me to the driving institute. The part that made me failed was my parking because my back tyres step on the white line and that was a mandatory mistake so I failed and couldn't continue with the rest. For the real road driving, I passed that one so I didnt need to resit my test for that. So after about a month, which was a few days ago, I went again to test for my driving in the driving institute. Long story short, I passed it. I really cannot explain my feeling when I got out of the car after I finished with the last course which was the S course. Before I go inside the car assigned to me, there was an old chinese guy which I assumed was the driving institute big boss said to me "jangan kau risau moi, lulus tuu.. harini banyak saya nampak orang happy" Ah! I almost forgot to tell you that I was sesi 3 no 1 that day and so my turn was very late. But I thought to myself, it's okay to be late than failing. Because on my first test, I was sesi 1 no 13. The nervousness I felt on my first test was seriously serious. As on my second test, I was pretty good with my adrenaline and I wasnt too nervous.

Oh and yeah luckily my best buddy Kim and I took our retest on the same day too. She failed on her parking too before this. The morning of our test, we keep convincing ourselves that "kita lulus ni, kalau kita dua-dua yang pigi, bergabung tenaga, kompom lulus ni hari ni" it's something like that we said to each other. she was sesi 2 no 6 so she was tested before me. So when I was waiting for my turn, I saw her completing the driving test without any mistakes, there was soo much more confidence in me.

The vibes people, good vibes are good! 

So after finishing my test, I went to the waiting booth to get my results. Mind you that even we've finished the driving through all the courses, it's not guaranteed we pass it because it depends on how many marks were deducted from our rpk and rsm. My friend got her results first. The passing marks is 60/75 and my friend got 64/75. She was soo happy smiling ear to ear lagi tu. We waited for my results to come out for a while jugak la sebab my results masi di jpj yang di litar and belum kena hantar di waiting booth. After some time, my name was called and you know the answer ady hahaha! my results was 64/75 too same with my friend. I was soo thankful to God for giving me a pass that day. I can imagine if I didn't pass my driving test that day, kompom I will be very emo until today.

Finally, I can tick off one of my goal in my goals for 2017's list.

Now, my next goal is to start driving! I'll update you when that day comes! Because now there aren't any cars at my house that I can drive. TT Wish me luck~

(a jolly girl atm)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

my random thoughts entry #1

What can you expect from your life?

like for real

What can you possibly expect from your own life?????

for me, I expected myself to be someone who has a lot of fans, someone who received gifts almost everyday from different people everyday, living the lush life and spending on expensive earthly things. I expected myself to attend awards ceremonies every year and get that best dress of the night title aye. That's pretty much what I expected my life to be, not all the time but some days expecting something like so made my adrenaline goes wild. 

well cliche-ly speaking, most of us never be able to live the life we expected. 

1st reason, good old laziness excuse 

2nd reason, that life wasn't meant for us