Friday, January 27, 2012


Hey everyone! Just login to my allkpop acc and Look what I found.. Hehe.. Its kinda old (Dec 27 2011) is that old? but still fresh for me though! Omg..this is soo nt the boyfriend that i know. They should look cute like a cupid. Lol. but,they look very mature and hot.  

Article taken from allkpop:
[On December 27th,Boyfriend teased fans by showing off their stylish denim fashion for Vogue Girl magazine. Last month, twins Youngmin and Kwangmin were also featured in the magazine. This new pictorial will reveal more members of the group.
Putting aside their cute charms to exhibit a tough and boyish look, the boys posed in a wardrobe of denim shirts, jackets and jeans.
The full editorial will be released in February 2012, so in the meantime check out more photos from the photoshoot below:]

Jo's twins!! XD

the leader(my love)

Photoshoot #1

Hey fellas! Valentine's day is coming! yah, I knowx2 I'm excited too(although i don't celebrate it) I celebrate single awareness day every valentine. Yah,its bcoz I'm ugly and I'm too young for it.. 
Well,who knows?noboby knows.. I went for a photoshoot for it. It's nt a real studio-type photoshoot,just a simple indoor photoshoot.Super exciting but i spoiled the whole photography session for nt wearing pink t-shirt/dress. Sorry, pink is nt my type although its cute. Hehe.. =D  

Miss the fluffy teddy bear soo much!! XD

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'LL Miss Yu.. {heart}

Well,Hello to NYC  (cough) I mean Blogger..
Just did the research on water bear.. Supa cute.. ^_^
Suddenly,get into the editing mood.. Came across with Picnik..
My heart skip a beat.. See the picture below :

Yah.. I know.. Its sad.. 
GTG nw,Bye-Bye.. Happy ChineseNewYear to anyone that celebrate it!!