Saturday, January 23, 2016

My notsousual Sunday

Helo helooo

Guess what a new update today!

Today is sunday yupp yupp and like usual my family and I will have a trip to the church. My mom woke us up super early la about 7am liddat and I thought we were going to the first service today. (First service is on 8-10am while second service is from 10-12pm). Btw my mom was soo noisy shouting and waking us up and that made me woke up from my sugarryy dream (not sure if I had one but yeahh technically I had.. Just assume that I had a dream okie, I NEED ATLEAST A DOSE OF MY PRINCE CHARMING EVERY SINGLE NIGHT YOU KNOWW Bahahahahaha) 

After taking my bath I quickly changed to my usual church outfit (jeans n tshirt). Tbh, I still dont get the hang of teenager nowadays wear those croptops cardigan flannel supershortshorts n whatever. I just not born with it. I guess. Welllll as long as I have clothes on, I am good to go. Dont judge. Like I said, I'm not born with it. 

Anyway quick story, I was really shocked (not the kind of extreme shock la but still got that moment where I take a deep breath) after watching girls younger than me wear something that is too old for them. 
Not that "aunty old" ah but "mature old" if u know what I mean. Pfft. It was last year I guess. To be more specific, on Christmas Day. I went to church that day(my family and I always go to the church on Chrismast, we never had missed a year yet.. It's like a family tradition #selfpraise) ANYWAYYY like seriously soo many girls *worn see through-super short and skin tight dresses. Then I thought they were older than me la. It turned out to be they were younger than me. Although I'm pretty sure my face totally looked older than them. But FASHION WISE OK. THEY WERE MUCH OLDER THAN ME. Please take time to imagine this, me a 17 yrs old girl wearing tshirt n jeans (again) and then lets call them my little sisters maybe 13-15 yrs old girl wearing those "mature dresses". BTW I'm not jealous okayy. (Just to clarify) I just feel so small and insecure hahahahahahaha. 
Ok enough of that, I dont want this to be any longer. If not, maybe there will be a volcano eruption. Bahahahahahahaha. 

Super agree with this. Anyone with me? Or maybe just mee TT. (Cant find the english version for this soo yeah enjoy the malay version.)

Ok back to my Sunday story. 

Despite the fact that we prepared quite early today, my father aka my family's big big biggg boss decided that we should go to the sekond service and not the pirst service which made me annoyed. Well who doesnt. Not that I dont like gling to church. It just that I feel I need to have extra sleep today. Like 4 hours more than the usual. (Fun fact: my weekdays alarm *snooze before 5am and that is pure torture) pfft.. Plus yesterday idk whyy I woke up super early and super fresh without the alarm. It was like freaking 5am. Who on earth wakes up that early? (No offense to early risers ok).

Sooo where was I? 

Ok.. But thanks to my dad, I get to enjoy some morning korean entertainment shows which I dont always get to see every Sunday. The show turned out to be soo fun to watch TT WORST PART IS----- it only shows on SUNDAY. urghh. But then again I forgot whats the show name. How can I search it on youtube ah. Aigoo Silly me. Hopefully there will be a rerun on weekdays la. I NEED TO FIND U! 

This is exactly what I am feeling right now. TT (tears flowing down in slow moo) 
+ playing BTS-I NEED U as a background song #typicalkpopfans 

Random jimin derp photo appear ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰

Tbh this is like the longest entry I have written so far. I'm soo proud of myself. U go gurllll! Bahahahahahahahaha, feeling soo soo soo soo soo unrealistic r8now. Well dear fingers, how come you are not tired ahh after writing soo long. 

"BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU MAMA" my fingers replying which lets just assume them as a classroom of preschool children answering their homeroom teacher on their first day of school. 

Aww my bby fingers soo guai ah, keep tapping tapping on the keyboard without any complaint oh. I'm a proud mama. PROUD MAMAAAAA.. 

Around 9:30am liddat we "took off" from our house and arrived at our church twenty minutes later. Suprisingly we set a new time record today. Usually we arrived  fifteen minutes later after the service started but today we arrived even before the first service end. So we went for a quick breakfast at a nearby chinese restaurant. Seriously the served the best breakfast meal. Too bad I forgot to take pictures. Aww. After that, everything goes the same as our usual Sunday. So i think theres no need to blog it. 

And with that, I will stop my blog here.


Thursday, January 21, 2016



Today is friday and yeahhh tgif.. Awal kami balik sch ni ari soo memang la gembiraaaa.. Awal 4jam setengah k, siapa x gembira mmg xtau la dia tu orang ka apa πŸ˜’

Well hari ni sesuatu yg bikin sya punya hati berbunga-bunga matahari telah berlaku. Wuuuu the feeewwll is still here. Omoooo hahahaha. Memang tadi kalau sya x kontrol memangg.. aramakk sampai xtau apa sebenarnya sya mau ckp ni. Begini la sya kasi pendek cerita, tadi masa sya tunggu geng2 karas sya di pondok crush ada bercerita dgn sya. Well bukanlah bercerita tpi ehh kira begitu jugalah. Apa yg sya tau, klu bercakap 1 2 patah pun kira bercakap suda tuu soo yeehh.. Kami bercerita. 

Time tu sya sdg duduk la, of courseee duduk sebab sya ni pantang nampak tempat duduk pastu x duduk. Apala guna tu tempat duduk kalau xda org mau duduk ohh.. Soo kamuu kamuu kamuuu klu nmpk ada kekosongan di mana2 tempat duduk yang kamu nampak, ringankan lah pantat mu untuk duduk yerrr hehehe. Make use of whats free. 
Remember that. Hoho~ 

First2 tu cuma sya n kawan sekelas sya saja yg ada di situ pondok. Well girls classmates of course. Kami yg first sbb kelas kami kena kasi lepas awal. Big thanks to our sporting teacher, maklumlah ari lima semua pun x sabar mau pulang. Entahlah apa yg dibuat di rumah tuuu.. Hahahaha.. Ckp orang tau2 sya sendiri pun mcm begitu. X lama lepas kami duduk2 situ, kelas lain pun kena kasi balik then thats when the story begins muahahahaha. 

Dia pun sdg tunggu geng2 karas dia time tu, jadi dorg tunggulah di pondok kami. Woot. Dlm hati mmg sya berteriak sudah tu tapi I kept my cool. Well crushh baitu. Hahahahahaha. "Sebenarnya ada dua pondok tapi maybe pondok kami dekat dgn kelas jadi dorg tunggu situlah." "Cutee nya diaa" "my crushhh" "Thank you Lord for today"  Ok inilah pikiran sya tym dorg di situ. Apa yg sya tulis ni itulah apa yg sya fikir tadi. What a complicated girl I am. Wuu hahahaha. Even mungkin tadi dia bukan tengok sya but butt butt my instict said HE WAS LOOKING AT ME LIKE SERIOUSLYYY.. Hahahahaha 

Sya pun berharap supaya geng2 karas sya cepat sampai supaya u knoww supaya x malu berh. Ramai lelaki situ and I feel soo insecure and whatnot. And thank God my friend arrived x lama lepas tu. My friend taru dia punya water bottle dekat pantat sya.. Xlah dekat sangat tapi berdekatan la. Pastu mcm dia jalan sekejap and sya lupa apa dia mau buat tuu.. And my girl classmate yg baru balik dari tandas minta kertas fullscape sbb mau lapis dia punya M. I gave her like seikhlas ikhlasnya. Cause I'm a good girl like that laa haha.. Praise me pls πŸ˜‚
Then time sya mau kasi bagi dia tu kertas, sya ter kasi jatuh my geng karas ounya water bottle. Well actually little damage saja but I know my geng karas was sad about that and truthfully saya rasa bersalah k. But thanks to that we talked. Huhuhu yeahh. We talked.

Our conversation goes like this. 

Crush : bahh kau kasi jatuh tu botol. 
Me : x apa baitu. Xda rosak juga. 
My girl classmate : thank you bia.(cause i gave her the fullscape paper)
Me: welcome.. Ehh aramakk ada pecah ohh.
Crush: nahh.. Xapa bah nnti sya beli baru. 
Me: hahaha
Crush: kau rindu english ka? Ni tahun kita x belajar tu kan. 
Me: x juga la.
Crush: tpi yg paling bikin panas itu sejarah. Ingatkan x sudah tau kena tukar istilah seja.
Me: iya kan.. Peng mal
Crush: ya
Me: tapi tahun depan kita ada eng juga tu balik
Crush: ohh

Okayy so after this i forgot whats the conver.. But i think we stopped. But i remembered kami ada ckp bye for each other la. Actually sya bye my girl classmate but dia pun ckp bye sama sya sooo 😌😌

Pastu, my geng karas n I pun beredar sbb mau p attend our pps meeting n dia n geng karas dia pun balik sbb mau solat jumaat. Kenenlahh sya x tau. Hahahaha. 

Well thats it... Cerita panjang2.. Tau2 mainpoint dia itu syakk hahahaha. Well memory kan bukan selalu ada begini. 
Anyway thanks God for this sweet moment today. Thanks too for EVERYTHING. Amen. 

Hihi. Thanks for reading!