Thursday, December 24, 2015

Just soo you knowww

Helloo, it's meee 

Just soo you know I'm not perfect
And you are not perfect
Because truthfully no one is perfect
Even if there is someone perfect
Are they just faking their perfectness 
Or do they even exist ?!

Just soo you know I'm FAT
because I have a large tummy 
because I'm obese 
because my jeans are size 36
totally not because dem bitches told me so

Just soo you know I'm a liar
Even if it is a small or big lie
I lied pretty much every week
Maybe it was for fun
Maybe it was for someone's good sake

Maybe justt maybe 
The ME inside of myself
Is a liar beast
Maybe yes
Maybe no
No one knows

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Speech Competition Part 2


 SOO like I stated in my previous previous previous blog.. I will tell you if I won the speech competition or not. In fact, I won first place (not sure if I'm using the correct grammar hahh) and I was chosen  to represent our college for the intercollege speech competition. The guy who was 1st runner up was competing in it too bc each college must have 2 representer in the speech competition. Not just us, there are others students who represent our college for different segment too such as scrabble and spelling bee. And that made us 6 persons alongside with our two companion teachers. 

  The competition was held at kv kudat which was 2-3 hours trip from our school. We went there by our college's bus on friday after school.. which was a very new experience for me. I've never went to a school trip before except for my primary 6 school trip. Not sure if that was a school trip or not but for IT WAS hahh.. Soo desperate of me to go for a freakingg scholl trip yeahh.. 

  Besides us, there were 6 other KVs (kv kudat, kv keningau, kv sandakan, kv tawau, kv labuan, kv beaufort and us--kv likas) who participated in the intercollege competition. It was basically like an english day competition. Btw if you don't know what is KV, I will tell what it is. KV is a shortform for Kolej Vokasional. Please remember that. Haha. Andd to be exact, it was a three days one night trip andddd we were sleeping at their(kv kudat) hostel. Their hostel was very different from our hostel, but still it was very comfortable and thanks God I had a very goooodd night sleep for the two nights. 
anddd even snoring like a giant pig. Hahahahahaha.. 

** I will update this later on, my mood is going away bc my favourite korean drama is on the TV now.. Hehehehe ta-ta! 

Written with love,
Octavia (23/12/2015)

49/50 for my KPP01 test !

  To be really honest I am still very happy with myself up till now, and the fact that I can't sleep because I am sooo that happy! 

  So yesterday (22/12/15) I took my ujian komputer jpj which is basically the first test that you need to pass in order to get a driving license. A day before that, I must say that my mind was very tensed and I was very nervous because I was afraid I will fail TT My preparation for the test was reading the book half heartedly hehe and do the question again and again and again. I actually downloaded an app on my phone (kpptest 2015) so I am more familiar with the questions. And to be really really honest, I only started to practice a day before my test. A bad example yeahh, don't follow that haha! 
You should start revising right away after you attended your 6 hours ceramah. 

  A tip to pass the kpp01 test is very simple! You just need to do the questions again and again and again and again until you are 100% perfect. REMEMBER! Practice makes perfect!! And another tip I can give is to really understand what you've read, don't just simply memorize it ! Most important of all, it is best if you think logically first then choose your answer. I must say that you're gonna be really nervous on the day of your test. Who doesnt right?! For me, it was literally the same with taking my finals. I'm pretty sure we all want to pass it at one go and nobody want to retest it. So just like the saying "no pain no gain", you should really make some effort for you to pass the test bruhh. 

And last but not least, don't forget to pray for the best and have faith in God. I wish you for the best of luck too! YOU CAN DO IT! 

Written with love,
Octavia (23/12/2015)