Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Seven months later, I'm finally back for a new post.

  Today I want to write about studying overseas. It's not about tips or tricks or ways for you to be easily accepted when you apply for overseas universities. But I want to talk about my dream to study overseas. The lucky country that I want to go is Korea. Why? Well that's easy. Because I'm too fanatic of the kdrama, kpop and their culture. AND I think it's time for me to be independent and go out of my comfort zones. ANDDDD because I want to marry a Korean Guy! Hah.

  There is one particular Korean University that I have keep an eye on and I'm doing my best to apply for it. Probably next year I will start my freshman year there. I will not tell you the name of the university yet because I dont want to have high hopes for it or else I'll be super disappointed later on if I don't get accepted. But let me give you a clue, the university is located in Pohang.

  I'm in the midst of researching about how to study in Korea and emailing the admissions and ambassadors of the university that I want to attend to. I'm also thinking to start searching for youtube videos regarding the things I want to more know about studying in Korea and basically studying overseas in any other country.

One thing I must say about studying overseas is, IT'S NOT EASY!

and I think it's not even easy to get into an university in my own country. So, here's a little teeny weeny advice for anyone who wants to study overseas. " DON'T BE LAZY! " and that's a reminder for myself too since I tend to be not motivated most of time. Hence, I don't update my blog regularly.
Is there anyone willing to be my motivator for free? All you need to do is motivate motivate and motivate me until I stand up and go do something productive. Easy aye. Haha.

  Well I don't want you to finish reading this post without gaining some information about studying in Korea. So here I present you a website that I'm using to gain more knowledge about studying in Korea. CLICK HERE~^^ Hope it helps! Mind you, I'm trying to be a little helpful here.

  If you have any info about studying in Korea, feel free to leave a comment down below or email me at
Hope we will be able to get into our DREAM UNIVERSITY!
CHEER UP!!!!!!!

Yours sincerely,
(the girl who working her butt-off to study in Korea) XD