Sunday, October 25, 2015


helo helo,

tonight is just soo 
and make me wanna grab the keys, drive  a car and go for a night drive.
but unfortunately I dont have a license yet.
urgh such a sad life of mine.

and what did actually happened?

I just had a fight with my mom.
over a cup of tea. 
small matter got big!

so it went like this, my sister told me that my mom told me to go and have a little chitchat with her at the dining table. so i did. but before that, i went to the toilet first and of course to pee. and then, my mom told me to make her a cup of guara tea(one of her favourite tea). so i did. i made one tea for myself too. i made both of the teas hot and proceeded them to the dining table. my mom complained that her glass was not what she usually use so told me to go and change it. so i did. after that, when i was about to put it on the table, i spilled it and abit of hot water had a contact with my mom's leg. she was mad at me right after that and that made me didnt want to say sorry to her. what a rude child you must say. but i must say i wasnt able to control my hormones at that very moment. 

and soo thats what had happened.

and my tea was left on the dining table. possibly waiting for it to evaporate. i was soo mad that i went straight to my room.
and now letting my anger out on you.

 thanks, i guess i'm fine now..
  gotta go and say sorry to my beloved mom yeahh. wish me luck!

thanks for hearing me out! you are the best!! 

yours truly,
Octavia J. (25/10/2015)