Friday, June 29, 2012


Dear Blogger,
I haven't updated you for a long time,super long time. Well,I'm kinda busy these days.. sorry. I watched some hello venus! mv just now on youtube. I like them,especially lime.. How I wish I can dye my hair into soft green which is exactly like her.. But,I guess it will be superb weird.. 
 Hello Venus! music video

 But still,I love my a-pink more.. Hehe.. Oh,I oso watched a-pink news right after I finished watching this mv. I hate my internet connection bcos it will get stuck everytime i watch half of the video,then I need to wait to download again.. sien.. ==" The news is about a-pink practice room's cleanliness level. Their PD had a shocking sportcheck when they r not around.. =P  They oso stated who is the most dirtiest among them.. 
A-Pink's News S.2/Ep 8 

Kk,that's all for this time.. Bbye.. =) 
LOL!! =D