Saturday, August 15, 2015

Procastinate // Procastinator

helo helo,

now i have literally nine minutes to spare before move my butt and go complete my assignments!

like seriously the due dates are this week! 
and some of my assignments are 0% process. i am sirius lee dead meat.

gosh! i am only typing up till here and now three minutes has passed just like that.. 

just why people like to procastinate? 
why? and why? and earthly why important things most likely to be not fun to do while unimportant things are more like wayy more enjoying. why do we need to live in this kind of life? 

suddenly this came across my mind "nothing good comes easy" and ahh yeah that is really true like very to the merry berry true. if good things come easy, then where is the colour of life? where is the challenges? where is the fun of life? right? 

sometimes i have the thought that do successful people even procastinate in their life? like what is their daily routine? do they like slacking off like me too? and if they do procastinate, why are they soo successful? shouldnt they be just like me. haha funny 

oh gosh my times up. 

i should end this here then.

will be continuing this later or never.


written with love,
Octavia (11/8/15)


helo helo,

omegee finally! I am going to travel again! my last travel was like three years ago and it was a band trip to taiwan. 

this time, i am going to indonesia! just like how it was stated in the title above. i am obviously very excited for it! my trip will be on 27/8/15 until 1/9/15, and yeahh i will be skipping some school days but yeahh again life wasnt meant to be live in one place only and again yeahh bc it was meant to be ups and downs in our life. and this trip is basically an ups in my life.
as for the  conscequences that i need to face later on thats the downs.

my goals for this trip is to capture as many pictures and making as many memories i can while i am there! this is a rare oppurtunity so i will definitely cherish it with all of my heart! hopefully the journey will be smooth and enjoyable and yes of course fun and memorable!  

apart from that, i am planning to record urm might as well say it as a documentary video and perhaps i will upload it to youtube. what do you think of it? yes or nah?

and last but not least, hopefully we will have a safe journey go and back from indonesia bc this is suppose to be a happy trip and not a saddening one. lets be positive and hope for the best of the best. 

written with love,

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Speech Competition

helo helo,

this is actually last few days story and yet I feel the urge to share it with you! 

this week is my college's english week and being the english language lover myself I decided to participate in the public speaking competition. plus this is my last year competent to be participating things like this so I think whyy not! 

my speech title was 'MUSIC'. I was pretty confident choosing that topic and it only takes me roughly two days to memorize the whole text. and that made me more confident in winning the competition. 

on the competition day, luckily I wasnt late for school instead I was extra early like whutt// my mom told me to do my best later on my speech and she even stated that she was telling me to do my best not just a simple good luck. and typically I just smiled and thanked my mom. 

at school, I keep memorizing my text from time to time and make myself extra busy. most of my classmates didnt know if I am participating in it or maybe they just dont even care about me. aww sad! I remembered only one friend of mine wish me luck on that day. still I know I am well prepared and it is my time to shine. 

the competition started after lunch and it was held at our school's library. there was nine of us and I was the second one to go up and shine. I am really unlucky at picking numbers so yeahh. the feeling of my heart want to jump out of my body is still in my head. time flies soo fast and little did I know I have finished presenting my speech. unfortunately I didnt remember if the other contestants applaud me or not. yes i do spot little things like that. I am really a person who loves to be encourage by others when making things that I love. 

after presenting our prepared speech, it was time for the impromptu. our title given was "things that makes me happy". I did extra bad, I acknowledge that MYSELF. we were given four minutes to think and that was not even enough for me to finish writing my first sentence. I really suck at impromptu aka thinking fast! 

the other contestants keep telling me I did great and told me I am getting first. but the result isnt out yet soo it is not confirmed. but seriously for me, I do think I am the winner. well confidence! 

the results will be up soon, hopefully I am the winner. 

just want to state here that I will update on my winning here. 

if I didnt win, thats okay. I will update that too.

now now, lets be patient and hope for the best! 

written with love,
Octavia. (8/8/2015)