Saturday, August 15, 2015


helo helo,

omegee finally! I am going to travel again! my last travel was like three years ago and it was a band trip to taiwan. 

this time, i am going to indonesia! just like how it was stated in the title above. i am obviously very excited for it! my trip will be on 27/8/15 until 1/9/15, and yeahh i will be skipping some school days but yeahh again life wasnt meant to be live in one place only and again yeahh bc it was meant to be ups and downs in our life. and this trip is basically an ups in my life.
as for the  conscequences that i need to face later on thats the downs.

my goals for this trip is to capture as many pictures and making as many memories i can while i am there! this is a rare oppurtunity so i will definitely cherish it with all of my heart! hopefully the journey will be smooth and enjoyable and yes of course fun and memorable!  

apart from that, i am planning to record urm might as well say it as a documentary video and perhaps i will upload it to youtube. what do you think of it? yes or nah?

and last but not least, hopefully we will have a safe journey go and back from indonesia bc this is suppose to be a happy trip and not a saddening one. lets be positive and hope for the best of the best. 

written with love,

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