Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Speech Competition Part 2


 SOO like I stated in my previous previous previous blog.. I will tell you if I won the speech competition or not. In fact, I won first place (not sure if I'm using the correct grammar hahh) and I was chosen  to represent our college for the intercollege speech competition. The guy who was 1st runner up was competing in it too bc each college must have 2 representer in the speech competition. Not just us, there are others students who represent our college for different segment too such as scrabble and spelling bee. And that made us 6 persons alongside with our two companion teachers. 

  The competition was held at kv kudat which was 2-3 hours trip from our school. We went there by our college's bus on friday after school.. which was a very new experience for me. I've never went to a school trip before except for my primary 6 school trip. Not sure if that was a school trip or not but for IT WAS hahh.. Soo desperate of me to go for a freakingg scholl trip yeahh.. 

  Besides us, there were 6 other KVs (kv kudat, kv keningau, kv sandakan, kv tawau, kv labuan, kv beaufort and us--kv likas) who participated in the intercollege competition. It was basically like an english day competition. Btw if you don't know what is KV, I will tell what it is. KV is a shortform for Kolej Vokasional. Please remember that. Haha. Andd to be exact, it was a three days one night trip andddd we were sleeping at their(kv kudat) hostel. Their hostel was very different from our hostel, but still it was very comfortable and thanks God I had a very goooodd night sleep for the two nights. 
anddd even snoring like a giant pig. Hahahahahaha.. 

** I will update this later on, my mood is going away bc my favourite korean drama is on the TV now.. Hehehehe ta-ta! 

Written with love,
Octavia (23/12/2015)

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