Saturday, August 15, 2015

Procastinate // Procastinator

helo helo,

now i have literally nine minutes to spare before move my butt and go complete my assignments!

like seriously the due dates are this week! 
and some of my assignments are 0% process. i am sirius lee dead meat.

gosh! i am only typing up till here and now three minutes has passed just like that.. 

just why people like to procastinate? 
why? and why? and earthly why important things most likely to be not fun to do while unimportant things are more like wayy more enjoying. why do we need to live in this kind of life? 

suddenly this came across my mind "nothing good comes easy" and ahh yeah that is really true like very to the merry berry true. if good things come easy, then where is the colour of life? where is the challenges? where is the fun of life? right? 

sometimes i have the thought that do successful people even procastinate in their life? like what is their daily routine? do they like slacking off like me too? and if they do procastinate, why are they soo successful? shouldnt they be just like me. haha funny 

oh gosh my times up. 

i should end this here then.

will be continuing this later or never.


written with love,
Octavia (11/8/15)

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