Friday, December 16, 2011


Aloha, just ate 2 pieces of cake while my sister is in a good-night sleep.. hehe.. I'm super duper excited to share my fabulous holiday with u guys..I mean girls... and dogs..
Our first plan was supposed to be (HOLIDAY-ingg) in Kundasang.. But,since the weather nt soo good, we just set ourselves at Tune Hotels,1 Borneo.. for one night and one day.. We went for shopping and waa-lah.. My dad's car is loaded with ..things and stuffs.. (LOL) My sister and I organized a DANCE PARTY in our very own room.. We danced to some songs and sang some christmas' song.. SLEEP~
2nd Day: Shopping for another 4 hrs.. We checked out from Tune Hotels and checked in to Le Meridien.. the room is much biggeer and comfy.. We stopped at Secret Recipe for dinner and then went into the room.. We shouted super loud when we 1st open the front door.. I love the view of KK from our room.. No regret for choosing such a high and non-smoking area's floor.. After a while,my sister fall asleep and I watched the TV for awhile.. and NOW,i'm updating my blog.. Gotta sleep before it's too late.. need to wake up on 5.10 a.m tomorrow.. GOODBYE~

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