Tuesday, July 21, 2015


  It has been like three years I didnt update my blog, and that is a good thing actually because that means I am doing great with reality and didnt have the time to spend online and deal with unrealistic stuff. So if you are reading this, thank you soo much because I dont really expect someone to read this other than my future self. Yes I write this because I know things that I post online will stay undeleted even when you delete it. Just like the saying people change but memories dont. 

  For the past few years, many things have changed. Whether it is good or bad, things changed how it should be. I make mistakes and I learn from it. But as far as I know, I am such a word believer. Thats actually a bad habit and I am trying to change it little by little. And why should I change it? Because a word believer is someone who tend to do what people want to see and not what they really want to do and by that I mean I am a person who really tend to stop doing things that I love if a person criticize me for doing it. I get doomed and lose hope quick and easily! I really hope that I can change that habit of mine to something better because you know your life was meant to be yours only. If you dont make story for your life, someone will make you to help them making their story even better! Even though helping people is a good thing but you need to be good to yourself too. "Love yourself before loving others" 

  And another reason for being word believer is somehow you gets bullied unphysically by someone. You follow everything they say because there is a feeling inside of you that afraid if you dont do the thing the person will be mad at you, leaving you behind and etc. Their words are like threathens to make your life miserable. Oh how should i say this? Well basically you want to follow their words because you think they are your friends and willing to do anything to be with them. Even when little things happen like when they told the style that you are wearing is outdated and should be like them wearing thing which is popular. You should be happy and comfortable with who you are. Like who do hell cares if you look crappy when you are happy! if they care, let them be. You are you, and them are them. 

  Words shouldnt be an affector to what life you want to be in. 

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